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From being the perfect muffin pan greaser to stick-proofing your knife against gluey foods, butter wrappers have so much reuse potential that they're practically the Swiss army knife of kitchen.

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Beyond greasing pans, there are plenty of ways to reuse butter wrappers in the kitchen: Use the wrapper to butter corn on the cob or toast. Separate hamburger patties with butter wrappers. Place the buttery side on top of hot rice, waffles, pancakes, muffins, or loaves of bread. Press down rice crispy treats with a wrapper.

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wrapping butter wrapper manufacturer for pharmaceutical Kolysen

BUTTER WRAPPER. Butter is a volatile dairy product that solidifies in cool temperatures, separates at room temperature, and liquefies in higher temperatures. Due to high moisture content, Butter, unlike solid fats is susceptible to mold growth. Flavour and odor are easily affected by absorption from other materials or through spoilage of butter.

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Reusing parchment butter wrappers instead of using new parchment baking paper is one thrifty life hack you should know about. You can use the butter wrappers just like you would use baking paper, to: line cake and muffin pans, separate layers of food like patties in the freezer, and as a bonus; use the small bits of remaining butter to grease pans.

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For instance, replacing that butter wrapper with a sacrificial bread slice can help control mold growth, as it protects the exposed end of your sliced loaf from contaminants and moisture. Moreover, the simplest way to safeguard the soft interior of a loaf is to refrain from cutting into it until you're ready to consume the bread.


First, it's essential to wipe any traces of butter from the paper. Next, measure and cut the wrappers into 5-inch by 5-inch squares. Depending on the size of the wrapper, you should be able to get.

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4. Slice Desserts with Ease. A lightly buttered knife will glide through desserts with streusel toppings like cakes, cobblers or bread. 5. Wrap Homemade Candies. Non-marked butter wrappers make a great alternative to wax paper for wrapping up homemade candies like caramels. 6. Grease a Frying Pan.

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save money. Saving butter wrappers might sound crazy. But then again, raise your hand if you love saving money. Keep your hand raised if you have butter in your refrigerator. ( Life with butter is truly better than a butterless existence!) If your hand is still up, saving butter wrappers is a neat little trick that can earn you some extra dough.

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4 to 8 butter wrappers. Advertisement. Combine 3/4 cup warm water with the yeast in a large mixing bowl and let stand until the yeast is dissolved, about 4 minutes. Add the sweet potatoes, milk.

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Once I scrape the majority of the butter off the wrapper, I fold the wrapper in half and add it to the small stash of butter wrappers I save in my lazy susan — next to many of my other baking supplies. Whenever I need to grease a pan or dish or if I want to rub a layer of grease into my cast iron pans, I simply grab a butter wrapper and get.


Butter Twist also features a patent-pending barb system to secure the butter, making it super-fast and easy to load. The integrated tablespoon-measurement markings provide additional convenience, making it easy to dispense the exact amount of butter needed for recipes without ever touching a wrapper, spoon, or knife.

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Butter wrappers are generally made of vegetable paper, which is heat resistant similar to wax paper and parchment paper. Because of this, the wrapper makes the perfect microwave-safe solution for.

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Use a butter wrapper (except foil ones) to cover the dish holding the butter; it'll keep your microwave clean by preventing any spatters from escaping. Cover Leftovers. Tamar Adler, author of The Everlasting Meal Cookbook, shares that butter wrappers are great for covering leftovers in a bowl instead of plastic wrap or when lids go missing.

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Land O' Lakes Butter uses a unique wrapper. Shutterstock. Land O' Lakes Butter takes a slightly different approach. In 2004, the company switched from using paper-backed foil to heavy wax paper, after hearing from consumers who wanted to be able to microwave their butter while still in the wrapper (via The Washington Post ).

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To avoid overheating the water and fat in your stick of butter as it melts, heat your butter at 10 to 30-second intervals, using your microwave at 40% power. Check on the butter frequently, and heat it just until almost completely melted (if there are little bits of butter that remain, just give the mixture a stir, and the solid specs should.