Downrigger Fishing for Salmon PNW Best Life

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Capt. Shawn from Breezy1 Charters shares how to effectively use Downriggers to catch more Salmon and Trout on Lake Michigan. Learn the tips and tricks that t.

Downrigger Fishing for Salmon PNW Best Life

Downriggers are pretty simple: they sink your salmon trolling rig and lure down to a specified depth by connecting your rig to a main weighted line. Downriggers work best on aluminum salmon fishing boats, often with offshore brackets. The weighted line is usually made of wire with a 5 to 10 lb weight on the end.

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This is a very brief tutorial that provides the basic outline of how to setup and utilize a downrigger to fish for salmon.

Downrigger Fishing for Salmon PNW Best Life

Intro Downriggers for Beginners The Free White North 9.74K subscribers Subscribe Subscribed 2.8K 342K views 5 years ago #fishingguide #salmonfishing #downrigger If you've ever wanted to fish in.

Downrigger Fishing for Salmon PNW Best Life

A downrigger allows you to effectively troll in the bottom 1/3rd of the water column at the trolling speed which provides enough movement/flash to your offering to trigger a bite and with a fishing rod that allows you to battle a salmon, once hooked in a way that is both more sport worthy (read fun!) and less likely to get off.

Downrigger Fishing for Salmon PNW Best Life

The salmon flasher is a variation on this theme of trolling flashers. Cashing in on Flashers But there is more to the fine art of flashing than just tying them on in front of your favorite salmon lures and baits and dumping them overboard. Read on for some free tips from FISH307 on how to create the perfect salmon trolling set-up with flashers.

Downrigger Fishing for Salmon PNW Best Life

Salmon Flashers Flashers do two main things, firstly they act an attractant that mimic bait fish or feeding salmon/fish and secondly they spin to create action for the lure. The spinning and erratic action of the flasher is very important for using lures like Hoochies or krippled baits that don't create action on their own (more on that later).

Trolling for Salmon with Downriggers

In this video Captain Marc talks about 3 different ways to setup your Downrigger Rods when trolling for Salmon on the Great Lakes. He covers a setup for Trolling Flashers, Trolling Spoons and.

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By Marcus Weiner My favorite way to troll for salmon in saltwater is to employ a downrigger. It allows for precision placement of whatever bait or lure (collectively termed baits) you use to attract salmon.

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Downriggers are the most popular and effective method to fish for Salmon in open water. If you aren't fishing with downriggers, you may be missing opportunities to hook more king and coho.

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Down-rigging is a method of trolling that uses a cannonball attached to an electric or hand-powered winch to carry your fishing line. It also lures down to a specific depth that could not be reached normally.

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The downrigger works excellently for salmon and other deep-dwelling fish species, such as groupers. The weighted line can either be retrieved by a manual crank or with an electric motor. Downrigger that utilizes electric motors are pricier than the manual ones. Why Use Downriggers? — how to use downriggers for salmon

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What Is A Downrigger? Downrigger Construction How The Downrigger Works Adjusting the Depth: How to Find the Sweet Spot for Your Target Species Benefits Of Using A Downrigger Downrigger Disadvantages Some Fishing Tips When Using A Downrigger Some Tips for Novice Anglers

Downrigger Fishing for Salmon PNW Best Life

4. Downrigger. When the salmon are holding deep the the best option is to use a downrigger. Using this type of setup for salmon trolling is the hassle free way of getting your lures down to the correct depth without a lot of guess work.

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Dodger Setup Attach your flashers to the ball that weighs down your downrigger line. With the kind of flashers I use, which are attached to the ball, I want to keep my dodger and lure decently close to the the flashers, keeping the action together.

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Downrigger Balls & Ball Snubber ; Most downrigger weights, (balls) used for salmon fishing will be from 10 to 15#, with 12# being the most common. If you use the heavier weight you can get deeper with less blow back, and have less chance of line tangle between the rigging on both sides when you make turns.. When using this diver set-up, I.