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A cocktail drum typically looks like a tall floor tom 14" to 16" diameter by 16" to 25" height on shell mounted legs. There are usually snares mounted underneath the top head for a "snare sound" and a modified pedal to strike the bottom head for a "bass drum sound". They often have a shell mounted cymbal arm and occasionally a side mounted tom.

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Cocktail style kits are by default compact as the the bass drum and floor tom are both combined on a footprint no larger than the diameter of the floor tom shell used. This project also takes portability to a new level by making the bass / floor tom double as a carry-case for the entire kit.

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4-piece Cocktail Drum Kit with 16" Kick Drum, 10" and 14" Toms, 12" Snare, Bass Drum Pedal, Drum Bag, Hardware, Drumheads, Kick Drum Sound Focus Pad, and Hardware Bag - Bright Orange Sparkle. 8 reviews Write your review Item ID: CJB46BOS. $ 799 .99.

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Cocktail Drum Kits. Cocktail Drum Kits. View 10 20 50 Showing 1-20 of 36 Results . View Cart Product successfully added to your cart. Trixon Elite Cocktail Kit Sea Blue . $385.00. The Trixon Cocktail Kit was introduced in 1962. Its unique design was a real emancipation for the drummer or percussionist..

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Trixon Drums USA offers three lines of Cocktail Kits, made with birch shells, in a huge range of beautiful lacquer and wrap finishes. The "Cocktail" Series, features an 8″ by 5.5″ "Popcorn" Snare, 10″ by 5.5″ Tom and a traditional 15″ by 25″ Bass / Floor Tom. The "Cocktail Elite" Series seems to have the same.

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View Latest Price. 2. GP Percussion GP75WR Cocktail Drum Set. An affordable cocktail drum set for beginners. GP Percussion GP75WR is a great, affordable little cocktail drum set. In this set, you will get an 8" demi snare drum, 10" tom, 15" cocktail floor tom/bass drum, as well as the 10" high hat and 15" ride cymbal and a cowbell.

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This "vintage style" GP75 Cocktail drum set is compact, versatile and very affordable! The main 24x15 drum, played in a standing position, doubles as a bass drum and floor tom. The set features a 5" x 10" double tension tom and a 5.5" x 8" mini snare drum with a throwoff switch and adjustable wire tensioning. Mounting hardware is included for.

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This stylish take on the Cocktail kit features a full-sized 14″ x 5.5″ snare drum, a 14″ x 18″ bass drum, and Peace's Velocity reverse-cam chain-drive bass drum pedal and two cymbal arms for mounting your hi-hats or cymbals. These cleverly mount via two of the floor tom brackets, which also hold the snare drum in place.

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Tama Cocktail Jam CJB46 4-piece Shell Pack with Snare Drum - Bright Orange Sparkle. 4-piece Cocktail Drum Kit with 16" Kick Drum, 10" and 14" Toms, 12" Snare, Bass Drum Pedal, Drum Bag, Hardware, Drumheads, Kick Drum Sound Focus Pad, and Hardware Bag - Bright Orange Sparkle. $ 799.99.

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CALL: 1-800-657-5125 | E-mail: [email protected] · Trixon - Acoustic Drum Sets, Cocktail Drum Kits, Marching Drums, Drumsticks &.

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Famous Players of Cocktail Drum Sets. Stand up drums have been mostly popular with jazz drummers, although even Travis Barker of Blink 182 played it, so you know that they can be pretty versatile if you're creative enough!. Other noteworthy players of cocktail drummers include Mick Fleetwood, Steve Jordan and Peter Erskine.

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Turn your floor tom into a bass drum in the upright position for situations where space and volume is an issue. The pedal mount is equipped with two-swiveli.

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The Pearl Set Drum Kit (PCTK1810) is a versatile cocktail drum kit that is designed for musicians who need a compact and portable drum set for live performances and studio recordings. It is also.

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Traditional cocktail drum sets feature a long and narrow drum that is placed upright and could function as a bass drum and a snare drum. All the other drum set components, such as cowbells and splash cymbals, were typically mounted from this drum's shell. Modern cocktail drum kits can come in various shapes and sizes, but what generally.

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Cocktail drums were first put into production in the 1940s with the Carlton combo kit, consisting of a vertical 20 inch bass drum, a snare drum, cymbal and other assorted percussion . In some episodes of I Love Lucy (1951-57), Ricky Ricardo's band featured a man playing one (according to cocktail drummer Billy Conway ). [1]

TAMA CocktailJAM Mini 4Piece Portable Drum Kit CJP44CPM B&H

The Birch Cocktail Drum Kit, redburst has a range of features usually reserved for more expensive drum kits. The shells are made from 6-ply birch, which produces a loud, cutting tone that boosts the high frequencies whilst maintaining a good, low-end punch. The 8" x 5.5" snare drum has a coated Remo UK batter head and the remaining drums have.