The 23 Best Chocolate Subscription Boxes and Clubs for Chocolate Lovers

The 23 Best Chocolate Subscription Boxes and Clubs for Chocolate Lovers

Chocolate Subscription Box. STARTING AT $44 per month * Featuring American craft small-batch chocolate makers. (1oz - 3oz) dark chocolate bars every month * FREE shipping. For Canada, depending on the order, add US$20-US$80 * Cancel anytime before next payment is charged * Chocolate boxes ship within the week. Shop or Gift Subscription Box Now

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Value: You can buy deluxe chocolate boxes for $29.99, gift baskets for as low as $54.99, and much more. Depending on your total, you will be added a service charge of up to $18.99 and a shipping charge of up to $14.99. Simply Chocolate has an enormous selection of chocolate bars from craft chocolate makers like Godiva.

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Buy it (from $35 per month) Cococlectic. 10. Cococlectic Chocolate Subscription. Vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, nut-free and all American, this subscription checks all the boxes in terms of dietary restrictions and the American-made dark chocolate they feature is small-batch, single-origin and darn good.

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Here are the best chocolate subscription boxes guaranteed to satisfy your tastebuds. 1. The Gourmet Chocolate of the Month Club. Cost: $48.95 a month plus shipping and handling. What's inside: Every month, you'll receive around 1 pound of innovative, award-winning, hand-crafted, artisanal chocolates made by world-class chocolatiers each month.

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Elevating Indulgence: Smooth Dark Chocolate Made Even Better. After a long, grueling hustle, nothing beats a warm bath, a glass of wine, and your newest bar of Concierge Chocolate. Pop open a box of our gourmet selections, specially curated and sent with love just for you. Go ahead, reward yourself with a full barโ€”you deserve it!

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Best Chocolate Club Subscription - Bar & Cocoa. $135. 3 MONTHS $259. 6 MONTHS $499. 12 MONTHS.

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The best chocolate boxes and subscriptions for 2022 are: Best choice of subscriptions - Love Cocoa subscription: From ยฃ9, Best independent brand - Chococo fresh large box.

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Harry & David Chocolate of the Month Club- Best Chocolate Subscription Box for Time-Tested Favorites. Image via Harry & David. Cost: Starting at $114.99 for 3 months, plus shipping.. Bar & Cocoa Club - Best Chocolate Subscription Box for Dark Chocolate Lovers. Image via Cratejoy.

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There are 3 packages to choose from, and they are ordered by weight. You can opt for "A Little Taste", which is ยผ lb of chocolate and costs $9.95 per month; "Let's Indulge", which is ยฝ lb of chocolate and costs $19.95 per month; and "Enough to Share", which is 1lb of chocolate and costs $39.95.

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Their subscription box program is divided into five tiers: Sweet Devotee: $43 per month for 4 dark chocolate bars every month. Bon (Bon) Vivant: $123 for 3 months for 4 dark chocolate bars in each order. Coco'nnoisseur: $245 for 6 months for 4 dark chocolate bars in each order. Office Box: $99 per month for a variety of 10 chocolate bars per.

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Pros. Great price. Choose box of 8 or 15. Cons. Packed with all the peanut butter and chocolatey goodness you could ever crave, each box in this subscription contains a selection of handcrafted and totally unique peanut butter cups, including an exclusive cup of the month. 11. Best for mix of candies.

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The Bar & Cocoa Club Experience. $129 at Credit: Bar & Cocoa. For those who prefer the bittersweet flavor and rich complexity of dark chocolate, consider this subscription. You.

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The Gourmet Chocolate of the Month Club is the only subscription offered by Compartes. It is available in three-, six-, and 12-month intervals for $175, $325, and $595, respectively. Though the chocolates included in each subscription vary, subscribers can taste the newest items from Compartes with the subscription.

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Number of chocolates: 12, 25. Sample flavors: Caramel and sea salt, mint, tangerine/ancho chili, dark chocolate bonbon, hazelnut, elderflower jam, strawberry and lemon thyme, rosemary infused caramel with mushroom salt, Madagascar pickled green peppercorn topped with black Cyprus lava salt. Serious Eats / Grace Kelly.

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It then comes with a newsletter with details about the chocolates you've received for the month. Past selections include truffles, chocolate mousse, macadamia delights, and more to satisfy your chocolate cravings! Deal: save $10 off a 6-month subscription Use coupon code Discount1. Chocolate of the Month Club. $44.

The 23 Best Chocolate Subscription Boxes and Clubs for Chocolate Lovers

Members of the Cocoa Runners club explore a monthly selection of the world's most sensational collection of craft chocolate, gain access to exclusive events and have 10% off across our store. Choose from four subscriptions. incl. dark & milk, dark, milk and 100%. Get monthly deliveries. of craft chocolate to your door. Receive four unique bars.