the certificate for jelly of the month club is displayed on a white

ChocolateoftheMonth Club 3 Months Monthly Gift Clubs

Artisanal Gelato made onsite In our Palm Springs store. 301 N Palm Canyon Dr, Suite 104, Palm Springs, CA (760) 318-7700 (760) 318-7700. Home; Today's Flavors; More. Home; Today's Flavors; Sign In; My Account; Signed in as: [email protected]. My Account; Sign out. Signed in as: [email protected]. Home; Today's Flavors; Account. My Account;

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Some of their ice cream flavors include Vanilla Bean, Milk Chocolate, Fresh Mint Chip, Chocolate Malt, Lavender Truffle, Dark Chocolate Coconut, and Sophisticated Smores. Their Ice Cream Club comes in two different membership plans, the 3 pints for 3 months that cost $87 and the 5 pints for 3 months that costs $132.

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You make one easy payment and we'll automatically send a sweet delivery of ice cream once a month for 3 months! After your purchase is made, we'll send your gift recipient their first four delicious pints of our mouth-watering ice cream and an informational flyer explaining just how the club works. Each month following, your lucky gift.

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eCreamery Ice Cream & Gelato Monthly Subscription As a member, each month you will receive an assortment of 4 delicious pints of ice cream. Our gourmet ice cream is churned fresh in a small batch process using only the finest ingredients and shipped right to your door on a monthly basis.

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Lifestyle: Love Goodly. Not only does this club come with a selection of beautiful, eco-friendly and cruelty-free health and beauty products each month, but 5 percent of each purchase goes to a worthy cause. So you can give—and get. (Oh, and the items are full-size.) Love Goodly (starting from $30 per month)

the certificate for jelly of the month club is displayed on a white

The Gelato Flavor of the Month for April is: Lemon Cookie Caffé Gelato uses real fruit, nuts, chocolates, milk, and cream (not syrups), to make our award-winning gelato. Call 302.738.5811

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1. Goldbely. How much is it: $79 a month. What you get: Get 4-6 pints of hand selected ice creams from some of the nations best creameries every month. Buy Now: Subscribe HERE. 2. Jeni's Pint Club. How much is it: $200 a quarter. What you get: Get three pints of Jeni's ice cream, sorbets, or frozen yogurt delivered straight to your door in.

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Cheryl's Cookies Cut-Out Cookie of the Month Club. $34.99 for 12 months. Cheryl's Cookies. Buy It. This 12 month subscription from Cheryl's Cookies is perfect for families of all sizes. For just.

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You can even personalize your pints and subscribe to their Flavor of the Month club! Members of the club receive 4 pints every month in varying flavors. 8. Revolution Gelato. Jared Olkin, the founder of Revolution Gelato, created dairy-free, vegan gelato in 2010. His great-great-grandfather, who ran a soda fountain in NYC's Hell's Kitchen.

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Best All-Around: The Fruit Company. Best for Organic: Frog Hollow. Best Value: Amazing Clubs. Best Variety: Melissa's Produce. Best for Exotic: Dragonberry Fruit Club. Best Fruit + Cheese: Harry & David. Best for Citrus: Craft Citrus Club by US Citrus. Best for Sustainability: Misfits Market.

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The Ice Cream of the Month Club is the coolest gift of them all! Italian ice cream, or gelato, dates back to ancient Rome when frozen desserts made from snow and ice were preserved below ground. We still recommend you use a freezer. Each month we'll send a new selection of four unique and delicious gelatos and ice creams each hand-selected by.

ChocolateoftheMonth Club 6 Months Monthly Gift Clubs

5. Zingerman's Gelato Sundae Club. Zingerman's, the legendary specialty foods emporium and mecca for all things delicious in Ann Arbor, Michigan, has a special knack for food of the month clubs.

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Amazing Clubs Ice Cream of the Month Club lets you experience four hand-packed, small-batch pints per month. The duration of your food subscription can be 3 months, 6 or 12 months, or seasonal and you get different surprise flavors each month from gourmet creameries.. Get them an ice cream subscription so they can get delicious gelato or ice.

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Enjoy classics such as pork chops, ground beef, pork bacon, sirloin filets and either ribeye or strip steaks. Also, there's an option for one-time add-ons, such as Italian sausage, whole chicken, hot dogs or pork belly. For more, subscribe to one of these meat delivery services. 2 / 26. via merchant.

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Explore previous selections of the Ice Cream of the Month Club from Amazing Clubs, America's #1 provider of gourmet gifts of the month. Free Shipping! Every Gift. Every Day. Need Assistance? 1-800-507-4660. My Account. Free Shipping! Shipping to. All 44 Clubs Close Shop All 44 Clubs. Call Need Assistance? 1-800-507-4660;

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Order this amazing gift TODAY! 4 pints of artisanal gelato created by Italian Gelato Champion Stefano Biasini for $44.00. Special bulk subscription discounted pricing of $11.00 per pint as opposed to our retail price of $12 in-store. Select 4 flavors to automatically come each month. Feel free to change the flavors.