Strand "Calo des Moro" bei Santanyi im Süden von Mallorca

Strand "Calo des Moro" bei Santanyi im Süden von Mallorca

Caló des Moro beach in Mallorca stands as a testament to the astonishing beauty that the island has to offer. With its crystal-clear waters, golden sand, and dramatic cliffs, it is a destination that leaves a lasting impression on all who visit. The secluded tranquility, abundant natural wonders, and nearby attractions make it an ideal place.

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Cala del Moro, also known as Cala des Moros or Calo des Moro, depending on what spelling you choose, is the most famous cove (cala in Spanish), in Mallorca. This small bay is famous for its bright turquoise water, soft white sand, and high cliffs that surround it, forming the long and restricted entrance to the beach.

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The challenge with Calo des Moro is that it is a very small, compact beach without a great deal of space to accommodate a lot of visitors. By about 10.30am or so (in the August summer holiday season), it began to get a bit busy and there wasn't much space left to sit and relax on the relatively small area of sand.

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There are 2 beaches here. Calo Des Moro is the sandy beach. Very small and secluded. It gets full very early. The pictures seem to be of this beach. Cala S'Almonia is a rocky inlet with a very small each. Most people sit on the rocks. There is beautiful water for swimming and places to jump off the rocks into the sea. We had a lovely day here.

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Caló des Moro is a small urban cove of sand located outside the Bay Sant Antoni, under the walk Ses Variades. It is an area well known by tourists and locals. This is due to the large number of bars it has to contemplate the sunset and by the influx of people who are concentrated in this area every afternoon.. Well, Caló des Moro is a small sandy area located at the end of the Paseo.

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Length 45 m / Width 15 m. Free parking. Ideal for anchoring. Description. Es Caló des Moro is a beautiful cove of sand and rocks located in the east of Mallorca, next to Cala Llombards, in the municipality of Santanyí. It is considered one of the most beautiful coves in Mallorca, it remains practically virgin, but its popularity has led to it.

Caló des Moro, una de las calas más bonitas de Mallorca

Calo des Moro beach Calo des Moro is an incredibly beautiful beach situated deep inside a bay with sheer cliffs. It is a small beach, but the 40 metres of beach is covered with fine-grained and bright sand. The water is crystal clear with the most beautiful turquoise shades. Perfect for a swim between the high cliffs.

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How to get to Calo des Moro? The main way to get to Caló des Moro is on foot from the free car park located at the entrance to Cala Llombards. From there, you walk a distance of 1.5 kilometres to the beach, in about 20-25 minutes. Access to the area of Caló des Moro and S'Almunia is restricted to residents of the municipality.

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The town is a hub of activity and is conveniently located, offering easy access to Calo des Moro beach and other nearby attractions like Cala Figuera and Cala S'Almunia. Is the Access to Calo des Moro Difficult? Reaching the small beach of Calo des Moro involves a steep descent. While the walk down is exhilarating, it might be challenging for.

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Here, you can snorkel with multicolored fish, spend the day lounging on the white sand, trek the surrounding cliffs around Calo Des Moro or even take a boat tour to discover the other stunning beaches and sights in the area. The beach can get quite busy, especially during summer, so try to get there early if you want to get a good spot.

Caló des Moro, una de las calas más bonitas de Mallorca

Principais maneiras de aproveitar Calo Des Moro e atrações por perto. 2022. Passeio de barco e excursão natural em Caló d'es Moro saindo de Cala Figueira. 45. Recomendados. Aluguel de jet boat. a partir de. R$ 229,68. por adulto.

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A longer drive from the Calo des Moro carpark will lead you to the Mondrago Natural Park (25min drive). It is another well-preserved area. The beaches are longer and easier to access (also some walking is till required). The cliffs are lower. The area offers several hiking trails.

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Caló des Moro is located in the southeast of Mallorca, 6km from Santanyí and about 20 kilometres from Cala d'Or. The nearest port is 2 nautical miles away, in Puerto Cala Figuera de Santanyí. Only 30 m wide and flanked by rocky cliffs and pine trees, Caló des Moro is largely unknown, even to residents. Access is not its strong point, but.

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Follow Carrer des Castellet street in the direction of the coast. At the very end of the street, locate the trail. Follow this path to the cliffs overlooking Caló des Moro. After a few minutes, the trail splits. Bear right. Other paths, starting from various points along Carrer des Caló des Moro street, merge.

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Nearby Caló des Moro. This southeast corner of Mallorca is home to some spectacular scenery, including the Ses Salines Natural Park, a sanctuary for birds and native flora, the rugged coast-land, and the surrounding salt flats.The rural town of Ses Salines has wonderful shops that feature local Mallorcan products, including of course, salt, such as Llum de Sal and Flor de Sal.

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Una pequeña cala situada en el sur de la isla que tiene el agua más cristalina de todas las Baleares. Y es que el agua de Caló des Moro parece una piscina. Acompáñame hoy a descubrir cómo llegar a Caló Des Moro en Mallorca, una de las calas más espectaculares y paradisíacas de la isla que no te puedes perder por nada del mundo.