Blue Moon Sky blue ice cream with a blue flavor to match Blue moon

BLUE MOON Hudsonville Ice Cream

What Flavor is Blue Moon Ice Cream (Hudsonville)? Blue Moon ice cream is a unique and colorful frozen treat that has been popular in the Midwest, particularly in areas like Michigan and Wisconsin. The flavor of Blue Moon ice cream has been a subject of much speculation and discussion, as it has a distinct fruity and slightly citrusy taste with.

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Believe it or not, fans often cite Froot Loops—yes, the cereal—as one of the main notes in blue moon's flavor profile. Other guesses include vanilla with a hint of citrus, amaretto, lemon, cotton candy, marshmallow, bubble gum and more. People who make blue moon ice cream at home use raspberry and lemon. We wish there was an easy answer.

BLUE MOON Hudsonville Ice Cream

48 Oz. Extra Indulgent. Limited Edition. Little Debbie. Novelty Bars. We always have 26 core flavors that are made with the same base recipe we've used since 1926. Bananas Foster. Black Cherry. Blue Moon.

Blue Moon Sky blue ice cream with a blue flavor to match Blue moon

Hudsonville Blue Moon Ice Cream, Gum Flavored Ice Cream, 48 fl oz (3.8) 3.8 stars out of 30 reviews 30 reviews. USD $4.24 8.8 ¢/fl oz. Price when purchased online. Add to cart. Pickup, tomorrow at South Hill Supercenter. Aisle A2. EBT eligible. Add to list. Add to registry. NICK'S Chokladchip Dough Light Ice Cream. Sponsored.

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A favorite ice cream flavor in several states for nearly a century, Blue Moon ice cream is still shrouded in mystery but delicious and refreshing!. Hudsonville Ice Cream. This Michigan-based company has been making ice cream since 1926 and is known for its high-quality ingredients and delicious flavors. Hudsonville's Blue Moon is a popular.

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FIND OUR ICE CREAM. Sold all over in the U.S., let us help you find the closest retailer to you so you can enjoy our ice cream. Find Your Scoop. A creamy and smooth, mysterious flavor that was born in the state of Michigan. The indescribable flavor of a clear, blue sky.

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Credit: Liv Averett / Hudsonville.. The supermarket Meijer's makes theirs with black cherry, blue moon, and vanilla ice cream. Others use blue raspberry, cherry, and vanilla. Still others go the lazy route and use straight up vanilla dyed yellow, red, and blue. So, Superman ice can be just vanilla ice cream, but that's a boring version.

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At this small-batch creamery in St. Louis, blue moon is part of the "Nice" collection, meaning it's free of alcohol, but its pungent raspberry and lemon flavors won't leave you wanting. $12 per.

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Hudsonville IceCream Bars. For the first time ever, we are bringing our time tested, real ice cream recipes to ice cream bars. Experience three different flavors with the same quality of ice cream we've been producing since 1926: Vanilla, Salted Caramel and Strawberry Shortcake. Learn More.

BLUE MOON Hudsonville Ice Cream

Blue Bell is marking its debut in St. Louis with a new flavor of ice cream inspired by the region's traditional dessert. The ice cream company announced the new flavor on March 18, the same day.

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The ice cream was sour and the reason why it was creamy as all reviews mentioned was simply because you're literally eating like 70% whipped cream. There's no way whipped cream can't be creamy. Wasn't worth it and will never be worth it. Save your time and money and go elsewhere nicer. See picture of my ice cream in the garbage because I.

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Blue moon ice cream looks like the kind of ice cream Smurfs would eat; its bright blue color immediately draws you in for a taste. A man named Bill Sidon is often credited with its creation. He worked for Milwaukee-based Petran Products in the 1950s, and they were the first company to trademark the recipe.

Blue Moon Ice Cream

Product Details. A true Midwest original, this sweet, slightly fruity treat is the color of a summer sky. This mysterious flavor has a unique taste all its own. It's almost as much fun guessing what makes the magic as it is eating it! Shop for Hudsonville, Blue Moon Ice Cream, 48 oz. Scround (4 Count) (4 ct) at Kroger.

The Cult of Blue Moon Ice Cream

Made to spark everyday moments since 1926. Hudsonville's ice cream is made using locally sourced cream and milk. Our ice cream is made using a process that starts with selecting the finest ingredients and then we use our best-in-class technology and methods to ensure that our ice cream is rich, creamy, smooth and packed with flavor.

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Product Details. Sweet, fruity, mystery. Indulge our Blue Moon ice cream, a beautiful blue-colored ice cream with a creamy, smooth, and mysterious flavor that was born in the state of Michigan. Blue Moon ice cream is gluten free and has a smooth, creamy consistency that's unmatched.

Hudsonville, Blue Moon Ice Cream, 48 oz. Scround (4 Count), 4 ct

Shop Hudsonville Blue Moon Ice Cream - 48 OZ from Jewel-Osco. Browse our wide selection of Ice Cream for Delivery or Drive Up & Go to pick up at the store!. Ice Cream, Blue Moon A Midwest original with a one-of-a-kind flavor. Artificial flavor added. Gluten free. Bioengineered. Since 1926. Fresh milk real cream. Midwest made. We believe in.