Burger King Now Has a Lucky Charms Milkshake Eater

Burger King Lucky Charms Milkshake CopyKat Recipes

How to Make Burger King Lucky Charms Milkshake. Place vanilla ice cream, milk, and marshmallow cream in a blender. Blend for about 60 seconds then add the cereal. Pulse the mixture once or twice to blend in the cereal. Pour the milkshake into a glass and top with whipped cream if desired.


The new "Lucky Charms Shake" at Burger King is now the magical part of a complete dessert. Burger King just launched their latest creation and cereal lovers are rejoicing. The hand-spun milkshake contains vanilla-flavored soft serve, LUCKY CHARMS® oat cereal with marshmallows, and sweet sauce to create a new twist on dessert and one of America.

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"Lucky Charms" fans can now enjoy their favorite cereal in milkshake form, thanks to a collaboration between General Mills and fast food chain Burger King.

REVIEW Burger King's Lucky Charms Shake Junk Banter

I review the BRAND NEW LUCKY CHARMS® SHAKE from BURGER KING®! That is correct - Following the FROOT LOOP® SHAKE from a couple weeks ago, Burger King is back.

Burger King turns popular breakfast cereal into Lucky Charms milkshake

I try out Burger King's new Lucky Charms milkshake. https://www.bk.com/Comment where i should go to next.Subscribe, share, and hit that like button.instagr.

A Review of Burger King's New Lucky Charms Milkshake

Burger King said the shake will be available at participating restaurants nationwide, for the recommended price of $2.99, although our shakes at the Santa Ana, California location were $3.69 each.

Burger King Launched A Lucky Charms Shake That Tastes Like Your Childhood

All that's required for a sip of this diabetic coma in a cup is a Burger King near you and $2.99. Combine this announcement with Lucky Charm's recent marshmallow-only giveaway, and it's.

Burger King Launches A Lucky Charms Shake (With images) Yummy

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Burger King turns popular breakfast cereal into Lucky Charms milkshake

Then, two Lucky Charms shakes and a large order of fries, buckled up and secured in a lunch box, enjoyed a two-mile trip through an Atlanta suburb. You probably know that Paste has a history of.

Lucky Charms Milkshake from Burger King Review! YouTube

Burger King is about to get a whole lot more magically delicious. The fast food giant has introduced a new Lucky Charms shake to make all of your ice cream and sugary cereal dreams come true.

Lucky Charms Milkshake Available Burger King

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Burger King Releases Lucky Charms Milkshake Fortune

The Lucky Charms Shake from Burger King features vanilla soft serve, Lucky Charms oat cereal with marshmallows, marshmallow cereal-flavored topping, and whipped cream. Foodies SoCal Snack Hunters.

Burger King releases Lucky Charms shake

It's the latest fast food mashup as Burger King® combines the iconic Lucky Charms® Cereal with their Vanilla Soft Serve to make the New Lucky Charms® Shake!.

Burger King Launched A Lucky Charms Shake That Tastes Like Your Childhood

Burger King has officially hopped on the "Instagrammable drinks" train by way of its latest milkshake, the "Lucky Charms Shake." '90s kids, rejoice. '90s kids, rejoice.

Burger King is now selling Lucky Charms, Fruit Loops milkshakes

Lucky Charms cereal will appear in a limited-edition shake at select Burger King locations, the fast-food chain announced last week. At $2.99, the Lucky Charms shake features 740 calories' worth of ice cream, syrup, and crushed pieces of the sugary marshmallow cereal. "The mashup of our velvety vanilla-flavored soft serve and one of America's.


Burger King officially unleashed the colorful marshmallow-filled shake -- simply dubbed the Lucky Charms Shake -- on Tuesday, saying it's available at most locations across the country for a.