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Durian sellers are ubiquitous in Southeast Asia, but establishments welcoming this whiffy fruit certainly aren't. You'll see 'no durian' signs plastered everywhere from Bangkok hotels to Singapore's MRT (metro). Even durian with a mild fragrance (yes, they exist) develop a strong odour 24 hours after dropping from the tree.

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No Durian Fruit! One of the most popular fruits in Singapore is also one of the smelliest! Durian fruit is so popular amongst the locals that officials and professionals have had to implement the use of signage, prohibiting the fruit in public places. Durian I Spotted in Indonesia. 'No Durian' signs have become somewhat of a tourist.

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Durian, nicknamed the "king of fruits," is a large, spiky, greenish-brown fruit that is well-loved in its native Southeast Asia. The fruit is known for its strong odor when ripe, which can vary depending on the variety of durian. Many people find the odor off-putting, and the fresh fruit has even been banned from some public places and mass.

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durian, (Durio zibethinus), tree of the hibiscus, or mallow, family and its large edible fruit.The durian is cultivated in Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, and southern Thailand and is seldom exported. Although the durian has a mild sweet flavour, it also has a pungent odour, which has been compared to that of Limburger cheese; for this reason, the fruit is banned from public.

NO Durian Tropical Fruit Sign

The edible fruit of the Durio tree, durian is rich in iron, vitamin C, and potassium — and is said to smell like death and rotten onions.. Wikimedia Commons A "no durian" sign, as seen on public transportation. The smell of durian is known to cause panic. Of course, there are many who are unable to get past the scent of a durian fruit.

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Durian comes in a huge variety of flavors, depending on the strain and the growing conditions. Online, durian-tasting tour guides promise fruit that tastes like a caramel apple, a Snickers bar and.

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Durian's potent pungency is legendary and its unen-durable stank can haunt enclosed spaces for days, prompting the establishment of a distinct micro-industry devoted to the creation of "NO DURIAN" signage. The composition and appearance of these signs can vary greatly, a reflection of the many varieties of durian itself: approximately 300.

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The durian (/ ˈ d ʊər i ə n /, / ˈ dj ʊər i ə n /) is the edible fruit of several tree species belonging to the genus Durio.There are 30 recognized Durio species, at least nine of which produce edible fruit. Durio zibethinus, native to Borneo and Sumatra, is the only species available on the international market.It has over 300 named varieties in Thailand and 100 in Malaysia as of 1987.

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No Durian Sign vector illustration isolated on white background. Black filled silhouette king of fruit sketch style & hand drawn lettering. Red prohibiting sign for no smelly tropical fruit. No durians sign. Templated isolated on white background. Can be used for any purposes. Greyscale colours.

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The fruit can grow up to 1 foot (30 cm) long and 6 inches (15 cm) wide. A typical durian fruit has about 2 cups (486 grams) of edible pulp. SUMMARY .

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The World's Stinkiest Fruit. Travelling with durian is kind of stupid, to be honest, and people are generally wary of even short-trips along Bangkok skytrain lines, given it's banned on most public transport. There there are the threats of fines which go up to $500 at times in some parts of Southeast Asia.

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Banned fruit sign in Thailand — Photo courtesy of iStock / tc2412. A single durian smuggled into a hotel room can make the room unsellable for up to a week, even after a deep clean. The pungent aroma lingers long after the fruit is gone, and the slow process of aerating fibrous carpets, linens and even walls can't be accelerated.

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From 50 trees. one finally bore bald durian fruit. People don't call bald durians a hoax any more," Maisin, the head of seed inspection and certification in West Nusa Tenggara province, said.

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Yeah, the no durian signs are posted at all the subway entrances in Bangkok. Heaven forbid someone decides to smoke durian. The ultimate in coworker assholery. I guess unless they got the afternoon off. I don't personally find the smell of durian "unpleasant" so much as "it doesn't smell like food to me".

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What Is Durian? Known as "the king of fruit," durian is a large, spiky tropical fruit indigenous to Southeast Asia. Durian has a spiny, thick husk ranging in color from dull green to slightly.

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The most infamous fruit, which stinks of death, is the durian. Buildings and taxis in Thailand have no-durian signs next to no-smoking signs. The durian's flavor elicits passionate, and.