The History Of The Harlequin Romance Sex, Books And Publishing

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Fabio Lanzoni, who graced the cover of over 1,000 romance novels in the '90s, opens up about his search for love at 62 in this week's issue of PEOPLE. Fabio Lanzoni, who graced the cover of over.

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Known for being on the cover of over 3,000 romance novels with sales estimated at over 200 million books worldwide, Fabio is the embodiment of the male hero in each of these storylines. Combined with a playful sense humor and easygoing manner, he is the perfect spokesperson for the products he likes and believes in.

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The definitive number of Fabio romance covers, according to cover model Jason Baca, who now claims the title for most romance covers. Baca was profiled by The Cut, among other outlets, in 2016, when he had 485 covers. That press tour should have been the dance on the grave of Fabio's romance career, except Fabio has clearly become a romance.

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Fabio Lanzoni was a prolific romance novel cover model in the '80s and '90s, posing for hundreds of clinch covers, often with his hair blowing in the wind, a damsel in his arms, his shirt.

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Fabio Lanzoni was born on March 15, 1959 in Milan, Italy to his Italian parents. As a teenager, Fabio pursued horseback riding and competed professionally as a jockey for three years before a career-ending injury led him to transition to modeling.. Fabio became the quintessential romance novel cover model. He appeared shirtless on over 460.

Congrats to Fabio, who became a U.S. citizen

Fabio Lanzoni, the iconic male romance Novel model, made a significant impact on the romance novel industry with his magnetic presence and undeniable charm. Rising to fame in the 1980s and 1990s, Fabio became synonymous with the romance genre, gracing countless covers with his chiseled physique, flowing locks, and smoldering gaze..

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Fabio Lanzoni is the king of romance novel covers. The actor and model has graced the covers of hundreds of romance novels, but his own romantic life hasn't been novel-worthy. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, Fabio posed for the covers of tons of romance novels. The Italian model — who goes by just his first name — became the face of.

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Covers are important in every genre of publishing, but nowhere more than romance. In the 1990s, the beefy chest and flowing mane of a model named Fabio Lanzoni graced more than 450 romance book covers. He became a minor celebrity — and a bestselling romance novelist himself. These days, romance covers are a little more varied.

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When one thinks of old-school romance books, often the first name associated with them is the male model Fabio and "cheesy covers." The granite-jawed male model was featured on many romance novel covers in the 1980s and 1990s. "Back in the day," Fabio Lanzoni posed for hundreds of romances—to the delight of many readers.

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With a reported 462 such books to his name, Fabio held the record for highest number of romance novel covers featuring a male model for many years (until he was overtaken in 2017 by Jason Aaron Baca, who has appeared on more than 500).

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In the eighties and nineties, the model Fabio Lanzoni popularized "the clinch"—the image on Harlequin paperback covers of a muscled man clutching an enraptured woman against his bare pecs.

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Fabio Lanzoni, who turned fifty in March, remains handsome in that pillowy way that set the standard for swashbuckling male attractiveness (and inscrutable female fantasy) on the hundreds of.

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Fabio Lanzoni, who modeled on scores of romance novel covers, thinks so. Best movies of 2023 🍿 'Golden Bachelor' faves From 'Beef' to 'The Bear' Our free games U.S. Israel War Sports.

The History Of The Harlequin Romance Sex, Books And Publishing

Fabio Lanzoni, the longhaired, 6'3", perfectly chiseled Italian model/actor/author is turning 54 today -- and is still looking better than ever. Fabio rose to fame in the 80s and early 90s as he graced the cover of more than 400 romance novels , becoming the object of many reader's fantasies and winning Cosmopolitan's "Sexiest Man of.

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Fabio Lanzoni (Italian pronunciation: [ˈfaːbjo lanˈtsoːni]; born March 15, 1959), known mononymously as Fabio, is an Italian-American actor, fashion model, and spokesman.. Lanzoni is known for his wide-ranging career including appearing as a romance novel cover model throughout the 1990s, his acting and television roles including multiple cameo appearances as himself, and his music and books.

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The Fabiolous Tale of Fabio Lanzoni. From modeling to books, take a look at the legacy of Fabio Lanzoni! Darhell Eugene - October 14th, 2022.. By the time 1992 rolled into the scene, roughly 55,000,000 Fabio covers for romance novels were sold! Fabio, however, still modeled for his respective book covers until 1998. He also become the.