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Always protect the anchor head using a hammer cap. Always check for buried services. Whether you have a domestic or commercial polytunnel Spirafix Ground Anchors have a simple solution that is reusable and environmentally sensitive. Easy to install, remove and reuse, our system requires no digging of holes and as such there is no spoil to.

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Anchor plates are quick and easy to fit and highly effective at preventing the framework from lifting or sinking. This handy cam video shows the method for anchor plate fixing. If you would.

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Step 1 Correctly placed foundation tubes will ensure the stability of your polytunnel. Use an anchor plate with the tubes (shown above) if fitting a base rail - see step 3 - or on exposed windy sites. You can also cement in your foundation tubes. Mark the base positions, making sure they're evenly-spaced and check all the angles are square.

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Anchor Plates Product ID: AP0001 Hover To Zoom £7.00 inc. VAT available for orders up to £1,000 Description Reviews Delivery Used as an alternative to concreting and as an extra safeguard for polytunnel construction and durability. Essential on Polytunnels fitted with Base and Side Rails.

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Only takes 1-2 minutes to secure each one in position, a fraction of the time it would take to install ground anchor plates, without the mess or exertion. Screw anchors also incorporate our unique, polytunnel cover tensioning system, where the hoops are raised (and locked in place) after the cover is attached to achieve a drum-skin-tight finish.

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Ground Anchor Plates for 15ft Long Polytunnel. The easier alternative to trenching the polythene or concreting the ground tubes. Just dig a hole for each ground tube, pop the ground tube and anchor plate into the hole and back-fill with the soil. Provides a secure foundation when base rails are fitted and also stops the foundation tubes from.

6m x 3m Polytunnel + Ground Anchor Kit”Strongest In It’s Class” a fully Galvanised Structure

32K subscribers Subscribe 18K views 7 years ago Polytunnel Construction Videos It is important that a polytunnel framework is well anchored into the ground - Anchor Plates are the ideal way.

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Nominal embedment depth for post-installed anchors into concrete must be 4" for SET-3G™, ET-3G™, AT-3G™, or use 1/2" x 4" Titen HD® screw anchors. Anchorage into CMU is per designer. For redwood mudsills, reduce F 1 on URFP to 1,180 lb. For installation on SPF/HF sill plates, use 0.86 x DF/SP allowable load.

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Anchor Plates are an alternative to concreting in ground tubes into soft ground, and are used to hold or anchor each ground tube in the soil. Five Star Polytunnels supply a square heavy duty metal anchor plate with two fixings for each ground tube. Each ground tube has to have an anchor plate.

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Polytunnel Parts Ground Anchor Plates Ground Anchor Plates SKU: GAP3 Availability: Usually ships within 3 days Ground Plate Only: Exhaust Clamps & Ground Tubes Sold Separately Leave a review Description Ground Anchor Plates Giving extra stability in the ground when Screw Anchors aren't suitable.

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10.1K subscribers Subscribe 31K views 12 years ago Our Polytunnels and Options available Anchor plates provide extra safeguard for Polytunnels construction and durability. Used as an.

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Each screw anchor only takes 1-2 minutes to screw in to the ground. Compare this to the time it takes to dig each hole when using either the concreting method or ground anchor plates, and without any of the mess or exertion. In recent tests, we measured the strengths of different polytunnel foundation options.

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Polytunnel Anchor Plates Originally designed and developed by our very own polytunnel specialist, Anchor Plates have been successfully used for many years and have proven to be a much simpler method of securing polytunnels into the ground than the use of concrete.

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Foundations for Polytunnels - Anchor Plates | Base Plates Premier Polytunnels 31.9K subscribers Subscribe 16K views 7 years ago Polytunnel Additions and Accessories Fitting the.

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To attach a polytunnel to the ground, you can use screw anchors or ground pegs. The anchors should be positioned at the corners and sides of the tunnel and screwed into the ground to ensure stability and secure the structure. Key Takeaways: