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Kate wore the famous Greville chandelier earrings that once belonged to the late Queen Elizabeth II for the event. (Image credit: Alamy) Sterling Silver Chandelier Marquise Earrings, $45.08 (£35) | Goldwinter Copy Kate's wedding guest look with these statement earrings, in the same chandelier style as the Princess of Wales's.

The Greville Bequest The Diamond Chandelier Earrings

The Princess of wales wore Greville Chandelier earrings in June 2023 in JOrdan. The Royal Collection Trust describes the earrings as "These earrings were made for Mrs Greville in 1929 and were part of the bequest of jewels she made to Queen Elizabeth in 1942. They were given by King George VI and Queen Elizabeth to Princess Elizabeth as a.

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The Greville chandelier earrings First worn by the Princess of Wales at the wedding of Crown Prince Hussein of Jordan and Princess Rajwa Al Saif in Amman, Jordan, in June, the Greville.

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Greville again took them back to Cartier in February 1929, and ten more diamonds were added, producing the chandelier-style earrings that you see pictured above. The ultimate effect, to quote the Royal Collection Trust, is "a lexicon of modern diamond cuts."

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2,415 likes, 37 comments - katemiddletonprincessofwales on January 5, 2024: " 2023 STYLE RECAP: Princess Catherine in June 1. Royal wedding in Jordan Ceremony ️Sof."

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In 1942 Mrs Ronald Greville bequeathed her spectacular collection of jewellery, including these earrings, to Queen Elizabeth. The earrings consist of pentagonal tops, each suspending an emerald-cut diamonds and pear-shaped drop. Queen Elizabeth bequeathed them to The Queen in 2002. A pair of diamond and platinum earrings each with a triangular.

The Greville Chandelier Earrings

Unlike other wedding gifts, the Greville Diamond Chandelier Earrings were not worn until she become Queen in 1952, when they were worn for Royal Film Performance of 'Because You're Mine' in 1952 as well as the the Royal Variety Performance a few weeks later before being worn was worn with St. Edward's Crown and the George IV State Diadem, as wel.

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The Greville Chandelier Diamond and Platinum Earrings by Cartier London. During the early years of her reign, Queen Elizabeth routinely wore the glamorous Greville Chandelier platinum and diamond earrings made by Cartier in 1929. She received the jewels as wedding presents from her parents King George VI and Queen Elizabeth.

Greville Diamond Chandelier Earrings Kate Middleton Earrings Kate's

This pair of diamond drop earrings, which comes from the incredible Greville inheritance, only includes six individual diamonds: two triangular diamond studs, from which are suspended two emerald-cut diamonds and two enormous pear-shaped drops. Those six diamonds, though, combine to pack a major, sparkling punch.

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Today's post focuses one jewels from the bequest that are modern and innovative: the Greville Chandelier Earrings. Royal Collection Trust The diamond and platinum earrings were made by Cartier in London over a period of years, starting in 1918 and ending in 1929. Initially they were a simple pair of brilliant drop earrings.

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Born in 1863 to a brewery tycoon and his mistress, Greville began her ascent through the ranks of blue-blooded society when she married Ronald Greville, heir to a baronetcy and member of the.

Greville Diamond Chandelier Earrings Kate Middleton Earrings Kate's

Queen Elizabeth's Greville Chandelier Earrings hang elegantly with any lavish ensemble. Photo: @britishroyaljewels/Instagram. The earrings were special as they feature a range of modern.

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Today, our fourth installment in the series focuses on a unique pair of sparkling earrings: the Greville Chandelier Earrings. CENTRAL PRESS/AFP via Getty Images Back when the Queen was still Princess Elizabeth, her 1947 royal wedding to Prince Philip brought her an incredible haul of wedding gifts.

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Included in this small priceless collection are two beautiful tiaras, one is the Greville Diamond Tiara worn in the past by the Queen Mother and now by Camilla the Duchess of Cornwall and the other is the Greville Emerald Kokoshnik worn by Princess Eugenie at her wedding in October 2018.

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Following Dame Margaret Greville's death in 1946, the Greville Chandelier Earrings were given to the then Princess Elizabeth by King George VI and Queen Elizabeth as a wedding gift in 1947. These earrings are a showy and modern and demonstrate the various ways diamonds can be worn.

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The remarkable earrings are a showcase of the different diamond cuts offered by skilled artisans in the first half of the 20th century, and they evolved over a period of several years before reaching their current and final form. Mrs. Greville ordered the first iteration of the earrings from Cartier in December 1918, just after the end of World.